Top Tips On Reducing Your Power Of Attorney Costs

Tip 1 – Are You Entitled To Benefits?

There are some power of attorney costs that are available with concessions and
exemptions. For example, if you are in receipt of income support, job seekers
allowance, housing benefits and work-related disability benefit payments.
You can find out whether you are eligible for a reduction or exemption for the power
of attorney costs, from seeking advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, and you
may also be entitled to financial support from specialist’s funds and other charities.

Tip 2- Bundle Up Requests For Legal Help:
When you are speaking to a legal advisor regarding setting up a lasting power of
attorney, you may wish to discuss other legal issues also. For example, this would
be also a good time to make your Will or to update it. If you also have some assets,
you may want to start thinking about estate planning and looking at legitimate ways
to reduce your inheritance tax,
Tip 3 – Shop Around:
Firstly, beware of the danger of going straight for the cheapest option, as you do not
want to get this wrong. There is no harm with shopping around to get different
quotes, to make things easier, for those needing help with producing a power of
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